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Football Spoken Here!   Private Coaching and Consulting for High School and College Athletes

Pete Bercich 

Group Position Experiences  

Sometimes, the most effective way to learn is when you attend one of Pete's Gridiron Advantage Position Programs.

Your student-athlete will get a chance to learn how to improve his play, while he also can observe others in his age and experience range, to see how different styles can be effective on the field. 

Pete believes in a core discipline to achieve success on the field, but he recognizes that some techniques and strategies must be adjusted to better fit a player's skill sets and natural attributes, but also to combat styles they are facing for their offensive counterparts.   Pete will teach the players how to deliver a blow, instead of taking a hit.  And he will instill the discipline of safe tackling to help avoid injuries on the field.

Pete is a defensive specialist, and tends to focus his group experiences on Defensive Line play, Linebackers, and Defensive Backs.  However, if your student-athlete needs assistance on the offensive side of the ball, as a former Tight End, Pete is adept in teaching blocking schemes, reading defenses, and getting the most out of a player's capabilities. 


The key to success for a player is not just the coaching he receives during team practices, but the one-on-one instruction he can get from a coach who understands his position and how it fits in the scheme of a defense or offense.

Unfortunately, with the limitation of time for practices at the high school level, as well as the strained coaching resources available in most programs, players rarely get the type of individualized attention they require to break bad habits, and take them to the next level of performance on the field.

In the NFL, teams have the luxury of providing one specialty coach to focus on each 3-4 players. As a former Minnesota Vikings coach, Pete practiced the one-on-one coaching that helps good players become great, and we offer this instruction to make sure you or your student-athlete is getting the support he needs to enhance his game.

Athletic Scholarship Consulting

There are over 850 college football programs and more than 80,000 college football players currently playing college football. Football is the number one scholarship sport at the college level with more full-ride scholarship than any other sport. There are 245 NCAA D1 FBS & FCS schools; 148 NCAA D2 schools, 237 NCAA D3 schools, 91 NAIA schools and 138 NJCAA schools. So you’re after a division 1 football scholarship, you have checked out the top college football schools and filled out football questionnaires,  so what’s next? Do you wait for the football scouts and coaches to read your questionnaire and then contact you? You need to be proactive , read on to learn how to get scouted for college football. For most athletes and families the process of identifying the right football colleges, getting a coach to take notice, and making the best choice on a school can be very daunting. 

I have been through the process before, as I ultimately decided to accept an offer to play at Notre Dame.  But, I have seen the process many times, and have counseled young high school players navigate the challenges of getting noticed and picking the right school.  

My program will help you and your family develop a college recruiting plan that will best fit your needs and skill set to get you noticed by the school stat will best serve you.

Training Experiences