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Pete Bercich 

Photos from Pete Bercich's College and NFL Playing Career

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Scholarship Starter (LB) at Notre Dame

Pete was a starter at LB on a prestigious Notre Dame team that finished in the top 10 all 4 years Bercich attended.  Most impressively, Pete knew the value of an education, as he completed his finance degree in just 3.5 years. 

Five Year NFL Veteran Linebacker

Drafted in the 7th round of the 1995 NFL draft, by the Minnesota Vikings, Pete became An ace on the hard-knocks job as a special teamer and Linebacker in the NFL, Pete excelled in preparation to ensure he maximized the physically skills he had, and understood the mental nuances that made good players great.

NFL Linebacker Coach (VIkings)

Once he retired, Pete joined former teammate and now head coach, Mike Tice on the Viking staff for 5 seasons.  He took this opportunity to tutor young players on the key attributes of their game to be the best they could be on the field.

NFL Broadcaster


Pete retired as an NFL coach after the 2005 season, electing to go to the broadcast booth to educate listeners on The Minnesota Vikings Radio Network about the intricacies  of the game he loves.


After more than a dozen years playing football in high school, college and the pros, as well as being an NFL coach, Pete has learned things that help players move to the next level of skill, performance and competition.

As a broadcaster and private coach to young players, he understands:

  • The importance of film study
  • What techniques overcome speed shortfalls
  • Which drills maximize strength and endurance
  • Using leverage to gain the advantage
  • Knowing your opponents weaknesses
  • Locking out distractions when on the field

 Experience          Pete's been There, Done That